Netflix mac app

Get Netflix in a separate window, and float it on top of the other windows

Try Netflix on your mac

The lightest and fastest Netflix experience you'll find

How does it work?

Flotato creates a browser window just for Netflix. It's actually Safari, but without any unnecessary features

Look for Netflix in Flotato's app overview

Once you've found it, simply click the Get button. The button now changes to Open. Click that button to open Gmail.

That's it! You can now safely log in with your own Netflix account, and begin watching your stuff! 

Small, fast and light

Flotato's Gmail app for Mac uses just the necessary technology, and nothing else. That means it uses far less memory and less processing power, meaning your laptop battery will thank you.

Stay safe

Flotato runs in a completely isolated sandbox, protected from other apps apps and browsers. No usernames or passwords are stored, not even locally. See more in our privacy policy.