Instagram app for Mac

Upload photos and stories straight from your desktop with a beautiful, light and crazy fast macOS app

Try Instagram for Mac

In the time it takes to open Instagram on your phone, you could be uploading your photo from your computer

The lightest and fastest Instagram experience you'll find

How does it work?

Flotato for Instagram works by taking Instagram for phones and putting it on your Mac. That's also how it can be so fast. Here's how to get it.

Find Instagram in Flotato's app overview

Once you've found it, simply click the Get button. The button now changes to Open. Click that button to open Instagram.

That's it! You can now safely log in with your own Instagram account, and begin viewing images, posting images, stories, comments, likes, and all the things you do on the service.

Small, fast and light

Under the hood, you're using the mobile version of Instagram on your Mac. And since that version is optimized for a phone, it will be insanely fast on your Mac - and friendlier to your laptop's battery, too.

Stay safe

Flotato runs in a completely isolated sandbox, protected from other apps apps and browsers. No usernames or passwords are stored, not even locally. See more in our privacy policy.